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"Call Me Maybe" Meets Women Priests

Carla Rae Jepson's "Call Me Maybe," has sparked a number of take-offs and covers, none more amusing than this:
The Lyrics:
(Stanza 1)
I had a dream as a girl, | It wasn't a divine vision.
like Therese of Lisieux | Her visions also weren't from God.
I need to give this a whirl | Such a serious "reform," this.
So I can lead the way | Unlike Therese, by the way, who (it seems) mainly wanted to be left alone.

Woman priest is my call | All Christians are priests, although I realize that's not what you mean.
Women preaching for all | Women aren't called to be preachers.
Don't listen to St. Paul | Paul spoke what Jesus revealed.  Why not just say, "Don't listen to God"?
Cause I can lead the way | We will see.

(Chorus 1)
My ministry's growing | How is that?  Numerically? It's not growing in reverence for Scripture.
Excommunication? I'm still glowing | Excommunications aren't infallible, naturally, and they can be reversed - look at SSPX.
M. Div. Chasuble Flowing | Chasuble is a robe worn during the mass, for Protestants who don't know.  And getting an M. Div. doesn't qualify one for the ministry.
Where d'you think the church is going? | That's an interesting question. It could go almost any direction.  Look at SSPX.

(Chorus 2)
Hey, I was baptized | This appeal to Baptism is interesting.  The point, I guess, is that Baptism is unremovable.
and this is crazy | We can agree on that.
But God just called me | No, he didn't.
So ordain a lady | This would follow from the premise, but the premise is wrong.

(Chorus 3)
Justice doesn't look right | She's referring to the modern concept of "social justice." It's one of those "red flag" words that you're dealing with a non-traditionalist Roman Catholic.
with only male priests | What about only male husbands and fathers?
but God just called me | (see chorus 2)
So ordain a lady | Why should the appearance of social justice be a good enough reason?

(repeat of chorus 2)

(Chorus 4)
All the other churches, | My church isn't interested in ordain women preachers, miss.  She points to an Episcopalian church sign.  Interestingly, the Anglicans narrowly avoided women bishops, although they have women priests.
try to schmooze me, | We'd like to evangelize you, but not have you come preach for us.
but I'm a Catholic, | You're a Roman Catholic by baptism and confirmation (and as to a number of beliefs), but you're exommunicated.
so ordain a lady | Is this because otherwise you might leave?  I think the current leadership might be ok with that.

(Stanza 2)
My call is a fact, | No, it's your imagination.
But some pope in a hat | Why do you want authority in your church, if you think so little of authority in your church? But I will certainly agree that there is not (to my knowledge) any recent infallible papal teaching on the subject.
closed discussion on that | But you don't just want discussion - you demand a change of policy.
and now he's in my way | He is an obstacle to you fulfilling your desires.

I pray, sing and I feel | Bragging about one's devotion is never wise.
at first communion its real | Does your excommunication also feel real?  Do the illicit women masses feel real?   I guess the point is just more of insisting that she's a "good Catholic."
but I refuse to kneel | let her finish the clause ...
to Patriarchy's way | Do those prayers include the "our Father"? Why not submit to patriarchy, given that you recognize it is the teaching of Scripture?

(repeat of chorus 2)
(repeat of chorus 3)
(repeat of chorus 2)
(repeat of chorus 4)

(Chorus 5)
With women priests in my life | When exactly was this?
I was so glad | That concern about the sex of your priests doesn't look very "social justice" friendly, by the way.
I miss them so bad | Should I offer my condolences?
I miss them so so bad | Just because they were not male?

(Chorus 6)
With women priests in my life | (see chorus 5)
I was so glad | (see chorus 5)
We want our church back | It is interesting how every sub-group within Rome thinks Rome belongs to them. If it's not going their way politically, the church has been stolen from them.  Compare the similar comments from the ultra-traditionalists.
We want it all, all back | I assume this is just repetition for the sake of fitting the tune.

(repeat of chorus 3)
(repeat of chorus 2)
(repeat of chorus 4)
(repeat of chorus 5)
(repeat of chorus 6)

Note on the credits.  It's interesting that it happens that the editor, with his name at the top of the credits, is a male.  There is also at least two male dancers augmenting the nine or so young ladies and one baby who has a "Mommy for Pope" shirt one, while his mother(?) dances with him wearing some kind of mitre.

The video appears to have been shot at St. Thomas Episcopal Church (mentioned in the credits) in Washington, DC, despite the supposed resistance to "shmoozing" by other churches.  While the group that produced this video is relatively small and silly, they are serious - and they are not alone amongst self-identifying Roman Catholics.


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