Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Caners on the John Ankerberg Show - Part 1

I'm not sure whether John Ankerberg plans to archive these videos on the web, as it appears that the plan is to offer these videos on DVD in exchange for a "gift" of $39 (link to page where video can be seen).  Thus, it makes sense to discuss these videos in series as they come out.

The first episode (February 10, 2013) has very limited biographical data about the Caners. Their pre-conversion biography is merely described by John Ankerberg in the following words (within the first minute of the segment): "my guests today are two former Sunni Muslims, who grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where their father built mosques. When they made their decision to leave Islam and convert to Christianity, their father disowned them." Ankerberg also states that the Caners are "brilliant in knowing what the Quran says because they came out of that," which may be a little optimistic, although I'm sure the Caners know significantly more than typical American Christians know, regardless of how they came by that knowledge.

Regarding the very limited biographical claims, I'm not sure whether there is any evidence that their father "built mosques" aside from Ergun Caner's statements (see this earlier comment regarding Acar Caner). He apparently was some kind of an engineer.

Hadith Citation
I was pleased to see that the Hadith was cited more properly than we've seen many times in the past (see here).

Regarding the substance, I'm sure there are Muslims who are in a better position than I am to critique the Caners' comments regarding Sharia law and to confirm or deny the Caners' claims.  I hope that they will try to address those parts of the video, rather than focusing on Ergun Caner's past autobiographical claims, which .

I am unsure, for example, whether the divisions dar al-Islam and dar al-harb are properly divisions of people.  The primary sense of those divisions is, I think, one of territory - geographical regions.  Nevertheless, I welcome any comments pro or con the analysis of the substance of the Caners' comments.

Likewise, I think there are Muslims who would question the assertion that there are any Muslim countries that actually implement Sharia, although the Caners suggest that the number of such countries is around three dozen.

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