Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Persecution Update

I previously noted that I had been restricted from discussing Calvinism on a suite of allegedly Christian web sites. I've now been asked by the same suite of web sites not to discuss the Love of God because it is a Calvinist doctrine.

In an interesting twist, I had posted a quotation from the email that had been provided indicating that I would not be allowed to discuss any Calvinist doctrines, but the post was vandalized by the site's administration, and I was informed in a PM that I should not let people know the contents of emails that are sent to me.

While I'm glad that folks recognize that it is a Calvinist doctrine, it's sad to see the antipathy of men against the truth.

Nevertheless, Praise be to the Lord that we are persecuted for and commanded not to speak the truth! For so persecuted they the prophets and apostles before us!

By the way, I will still post about God's Love here on this blog.

Praise be to our loving Father!


P.S. Here is a link to a cached version of the page (this will soon expire ...).


AprilMtns said...

"...not to discuss the Love of God because it is a Calvinist doctrine."

I'm so sorry I did not see the Love of God thread (it was removed?)

It appears to me that persecution is alive and well.

I am praising Him for His Love to us who know exactly what is going on.

Blog away! I'll be reading yours!

Loving God forever,

Turretinfan said...

Yes, April, removed for Calvinism. I have most of the posts from the thread backed up somewhere around here, so I plan to provide them in a post to this blog soon.

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to criticize too, when I go astray!


aprilmtns said...

Thank you for publishing the Love of God thread. I printed it out so I can share it with my Florida Reformed son. :)

Still don't understand why the subject was removed though...


Turretinfan said...

I asked the question and the answer that I got was that it was Calvinism.

I could not be more glad than that people recognize that the special love of God for His elect is a doctrine of Calvinism.

The fact that the administration saw fit to delete the thread (as opposed to locking it, or just restricting me from it) is the strongest evidence possible that it is the content that they found objectionable.