Monday, March 26, 2007

Regulative Principle of Worship

I have agreed to do a blog-based debate of the Regulative Principle of Worship. I will update this blog with more details as the debate progresses. Timothy, this means that I will probably have a bit of delay in responding to your comments regarding the Lord's Supper. Nevertheless, certain aspects of the debate may touch on Roman Catholic issues, and I certainly plan to explain how a consistent Reformed worldview (as contrasted with a Roman Catholic worldview) ought to embrace the Regulative Principle, although my debate opponent will be a Reformed apologist who does not, to my knowledge, currently embrace the Regulative Principle.

Here's a link to the debate, for which my opening statement has been made:

Any comments, questions, and especially criticisms are welcome.

Since you bothered to come to this blog, here's a couple extra links for further reading on the subject:

And here's one slightly critical view in a four-part series. I don't plan to directly respond at this time, and I don't know whether it is this line that Centuri0n, with whom I'm debating, will be taking this poster's line:

And here's a link to a very low quality presentation of an attempted rebutal of RPW by a supporter of the Normative Principle of Worship (NPW) using the typical, ad hominem arguments and failing either positively to establish NPW, or to address the standard RPW rebuttals of the arguments presented.

I trust that Centuri0n will present something much more thoughtful, and I look forward to the debate.

May God's blessing rest on all who pass by,



My conclusion is posted here:

I will try to edit this page (or similar pages here) to provide links for further information for folks who are wondering about the topic.

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