Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Abuse of the Bible Award

With apologies to Dan, Fred, and John (among others to whom post or replies are still owed), a quick nomination for the Abuse of the Bible Award (2007) is:

Greenpeace should get the award because:

1) They are actually spending the money to build a replica of Noah's ark on the mountain where it came to rest; but

2) It is unquestionable that a huge percent of the membership of Greenpeace does not believe Genesis' account of the Great Flood to be historically true; and

3) They are using the replica to try to warn people of a new Great Flood that they claim will occur if humans do not stop industry; although

4) The very Scriptures that tell us of the Ark, also contain the promise that God will never again destroy the World by a Flood.

Undoubtedly, the effort is aimed to be a public relations piece, and a way to get free advertising from numerous outlets such as this one.

To provide an antidote to that purpose, I provide a link to a web site from which one can order Dr. Beisner's book that debunks the global warming alarmism. It's the book at the bottom of the list, so you may have to scroll down. Link is here.


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