Tuesday, May 15, 2007

News - Fallwell Dies

Death of an Icon

I am behind on my blogging as John, Dan, and Fred (to name a few) could testify. Nevertheless, the news of this particular demise is worthy of note.

It has been reported here, that Dr. Fallwell has gone to meet his Maker.

Whether Dr. Fallwell trusted in Christ alone for salvation, or whether he was trusting in his own works cooperating with grace, we may never know for sure. Here's a clip of him discussing the general subject, and denying the truth as heresy. Link to clip here.

His theology is wrong, but I will not judge his heart, for men can hold to bad theology out of confusion: something that extraordinarily evident in the clip of Fallwell linked above.

Neverthless, it is important at this point to affirm the substitionary atonement, and to note that those substituted-for will escape because they have the substitute. If Fallwell was one of those, he is now in heaven, and we hope that he is.


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Anonymous said...

I read it first here. Didn't even get the news via CNN first. I'll stay tuned. I've heard that Liberty had some anti-Calvinists on board. I am glad to hear your generous comments; that even confused people can be saved. Thank God for that!!