Saturday, June 09, 2007

Romanist Apologist - Sippo Lampoons Self

Unless someone has hacked his account, Sippo seems to have decided to portray himself as, well, here are the items:

1) "Another example is John Calvin's claim that all human beings are "totally depraved". In reality, we all have our faults, but "total depravity" overstates the condition of mankind." Does Sippo really not have the slightest clue about what total depravity means?

2) Does Sippo really not get that the solution to his "pizza paradox" is that the "center" defined by the intersection of the cuts in the pizza is normally slightly off the geometric center of the pizza?

3) Does Sippo really think that Robin Williams stole his lawyer joke?

So which is it, is Sippo playing the buffoon, or has someone hacked his account?

Check for yourself.


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Anonymous said...

RC's don't believe in total depravity. They say the "mind was darkened" but not depraved. There's a little bit of goodness left; enough to make a few faltering steps to God. Self-salvation.