Friday, September 07, 2007

Pope Repents of Nazi Genocide

See this article (link), key words: "Pope Benedict XVI paid solemn tribute to Holocaust victims Friday, extending his “sadness, repentance and friendship” to the Jewish people as he began a three-day pilgrimage to Austria." (emphasis added)

One wonders whether the Albigensians, Hussites, Lollards, Covenanters, etc. can expect a similar and more well-deserved apology.



Turretinfan said...

It's worth pointing out that I mean that those apologies would be more well-deserved because the Roman Catholic Church was more directly involved in the people's deaths, in case that is not clear.

Anonymous said...

I think if Pope starts apologizing to everyone who deserves an apology from RCC, Turret, that's all he will have time to do!
he won't have any time left for doing catholisizing or whatever his job duties are :)

PS Catching up with the blog after vacation- many interesting topics.