Monday, September 03, 2007

God Gives - Infidel Misattributes

Here's a story (link) about a neo-pagan falsely claiming that his false gods gave him a lottery win. It would be unsurprising if the man actually believed his own press: so strong is the delusion of the corruption of man's nature.

But it is God, not the demons of Wicca that disposes the lottery, and determines its winners.

The man should thank God, but instead he gives credit to folly.

If that man is reading, here is a special message: turn from the darkness of Wicca: those false gods are either nothing or demons. The LORD, he is the Great God above all Gods. It is He who created all things, and it is He who provides. He has greatly blessed you with a small fortune. Turn now from the wickedness of paganism and bend the knee to the one Triune God!

May God be pleased to turn many to Himself!


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