Friday, October 12, 2007

Atheist Opposes Sola Scriptura

An atheist has weighed in on the topic of the current debate (which could be roughly characterized as "Sufficiency of Scripture vs. Insufficiency of Scripture").
Here's the atheist's critique ("Scripture Only is a Myth"). I'd wager (rhetorically speaking, of course) that the atheist has some of the same misconceptions of Sola Scriptura as does my antagonist in the current debate. Any thoughts?


P.S. The present author notes with chagrin that the original post was marred by following the old "i" before "e" rule to phonetic English spelling. Proposed motto for Atheism: "Even our spelling is rebellious." Obviously if one thinks about the etymology ... but anyway ...


Turretinfan said...


Thanks for your allusion to an argument you might have that is relevant to the current debate. Please feel free to leave a more detailed question on for possible selection as an "audience question" toward the end of the debate.


TheoJunkie said...

Yes, I'll back your wager.