Sunday, October 07, 2007

Murder Update

So, Texas plans to execute just judgment on a man convicted of two capital offenses (two murders, under particularly heinous circumstances - a factor that matters under Texas law). The former governor of Texas, and now president of the U.S. wants to prevent this execution, because he claims it will harm U.S. interests abroad. (source)

This may seem strange. After all the "Black and Whites" gang has less international sympathy than Al Quaeda, yet the president has sent troops abroad to kill members of the latter murderous group.

What's the problem? Texas police apparently failed to assist the criminal by telling him that he could seek the help of the Mexican consulate. The "International Court of Justice" a body with no jurisdiction in the U.S. (and with whose interpretation of the relevant treaty, the president disagrees), has decided that the execution would be improper.

Let us pray that justice will prevail, and that Texas will do what is right.

Let us also pray for this young man who has given strong indication of need for salvation.



Josh said...

After what Bush and his cronies did to the border patrol agents (locking them in solitary confinement for months, and denying them haircuts for starters) who shot a drug runner in the buttocks, this is not surprising.

Turretinfan said...

The Bush administration's fascination with Mexico is certainly somewhat puzzling. I guess it makes sense politically, as Latin America becomes an ever-growing segment of the populace.
He's been very "nice" to Latin America - let's see if they reward his party with loyalty in the next few elections.