Monday, December 24, 2007

Tell-Tale Signs of False Teachers

1. Joel Osteen endorses Mormonism as Christianity, thereby demonstrating that he is at best unfamiliar with Mormonism (link). I suspect the problem is a bit deeper, given his rationale for accepting Mormonism as Christian. UPDATE: Jame White has more in-depth response here (link).
2. Doug Pagitt says that the way that God is going to interact with all of humanity in the same way, regardless of what you believe, and denying the existence of hell (link) (link). Pagitt even goes so far as to accuse Todd Friel of Platonism. For shame!


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GeneMBridges said...

I wonder how long until Bob L. Ross, who has completely lost his mind in my opinion, via "the Calvinist Flyswatter" issues a rebuttal to Dr. White, because, well, he just plain can't stand Dr. White. Ross has recently taken to defending Osteen, because apparently Osteen's church is nearby...