Monday, December 24, 2007

Why the ARP Sings Psalms Only

The Virginia Hugenot alerted me to this article, originally published 107 years ago, explaining why the ARP at that time only sang Psalms. Much of what was written then would still apply today. I'd encourage folks to consider whether it might make sense to adopt the reasoning set forth in the article. Yes, you'd have to give up singing "Joy to the World," and "God bless ye Merry Gentlemen," but then we're not commanded (not by Scripture, anyhow) to celebrate Christ's birth ever, let alone annually. (link)


Anonymous said...


methinks you border on dangerous living were you to quote thus in any one of the Malls in my community:

"...but then we're not commanded (not by Scripture, anyhow) to celebrate Christ's birth ever, let alone annually."

""What?"", the vendor might exclaim or call security after hearing thus from anyone at their threshold!!!!

Do you not know, ...has it not reached your head, ...that this is the time to be "merry for me" as I make my living during this most brief period once a year?!!! Christmas, Xmas, Christ or Santa Claus, means nothing to my, pay, pay I say, they say or away, away, away with your dream!

Never once in my town is there an add in the paper or on T.V. to consider that "nowhere" in the Holy Writ is there a place found where we are "commanded" to do so much in so little time as has been done and we indeed are doing today, the last day before "????Mas". "????Mas"...that is so as not to offend my dear dumb brothers!!! Ok, that might not be so nice, cheers anyone? :)


Anonymous said...

TF, usually your comments are so far above me that I can not attain the full impact of your message, but in this regard I react to the rigid, pharisaical attitude of the writer. I do not see Miriam dancing with the tambourine or David worshipping God in the streets of the city with such exuberance his wife saw fit to scorn his behavior bringing judgement upon herself. Did they only raise prescribed words of worship.

I can not imagine worship without such hymns as ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL and many others. I will keep reading though before forming an opinion.


Turretinfan said...

Dear Doveflight,

The Pharisees thought that obedience to the law merited God's favor. That was their serious error - not their attempt to follow the law closely.

I don't think the ARP ever thought that they were meriting God's favor through close adherence to the regulative principle of worship. They are sincerely seeking to do what is right in God's eyes.

Surely you must agree that it is a laudable aim. Furthermore, I trust that if worshiping God the way he wants to be worshiped means having to sacrifice a few human compositions, I trust you would be willing to make the sacrifice.

The Psalter is there in the middle of the Bible for a reason.


Anonymous said...

I continue to read as time permits. I have just come to the section qualifying the topic to songs of praise, not of education, encouragement and/or personal comfort. It appears the writer allows more freedom in the instance of a teaching elder offering song during his exposition to the congregation. So I am to conclude that the limitations only apply to times of praise to God and not other times of singing during the worship service.
I am continueing to process this concept. I thank you for helping me to do so. Yes, if I am to conclude that God restricts our praise specifically I will conform to that, but I am not yet convinced. I do receive the beginning of the arguement as being rigid and judgemental, though my use of pharisaical may have not been accurate. I must remember that you hold me to more exacting speech.

Anonymous said...

Well, TF, I have finally read the article in its entirety and I must humbly concede his points are well founded. Historically speaking, he gave insight I had not previously known and scripturely proved his perspective. I have a minor quibble about his term inspired or not inspired, but will let that rest, atleast until I find time to read it again.
I confess that in processing this article, several other items have come to my attention that like pieces of a puzzle solved a question in my heart. Thank you for the insight.

Turretinfan said...

I'm glad you found it edifying!