Monday, January 14, 2008

The Real Turretin - on Christian Liberty

Andrew Compton has provided a transcription (with commentary) of what the Real Francis Turretin had to say about Christian Liberty (first part) (second part). These thoughts are especially timely in a day when the Baptists are drawing new battle lines over the issue of forbidding folks from drinking.

Thanks, Andrew, for publishing his remarks!



Anonymous said...

So be it!!!

Turretin, hmmmmmm, why isn't he more known? You the only one I know of to come to know him?


Turretinfan said...


For a few hundred years his works were available only in Latin. Recently (in the 90's) his works were published in English.


GeneMBridges said...

As I understand it, Charles Hodge used his Institutes as his text of choice @ Princeton. Of course, in those days, nobody that studied at Princeton didn't read Latin. Ergo, Hodge expects his readers of his own Systematic Theology to understand him when he suddenly waxes into Latin.

Fortunately, Latin, like Greek, is a cognate language for English. I've never taken a course in Latin, but I've read enough theological works that use it than I can actually intuit the drift of a great deal accurately.