Friday, April 11, 2008

Worship-Related Blog Posts of Interest

Have Praise and Worship Music in Church become a Cain Sacrifice to God?

(TurretinFan would answer, "yes")

The RPW is simple, why all the fuss?

(TurretinFan would answer, "because people think they know better")

Handraising in Worship: Questions

(TurretinFan would answer, "Jordan basically gets it right: raised hands by the pastor during prayer/benediction is called for - otherwise one has a tough time binding anyone's conscience")

Singing Psalms (Example in video)

(TurretinFan would comment, "I still prefer the Psalms unaccompanied")

Why the Date of Easter Changes

(TurretinFan would comment, "This post actually provides a good counter-argument for the idea that we know when Easter was, such that we have a legitimate selection of a single day yearly to celebrate the resurrection. Sure it is determinable based on Passover - but that itself is a bit of a challenge.)

The Original Name of Easter

(TurretinFan would comment, "The underlying assumption that the earliest Christians celebrated Easter is unproven at best. The point about the name 'Easter' coming after 'Pascha' is correct")

iMonk on the RPW

(TurretinFan would comment, "iMonk is a good writer, but his view of the RPW is wrong")

The meaning of "Psalms" in the Westminster Standards

(TurretinFan would comment, "Psalms meant the 150 Psalms in the Hebrew canon")

The Regulative Principle of Worship, Part 1
The Regulative Principle of Worship, Part 2
The Regulative Principle of Worship, Part 3
(Music & Singing in Life & Liturgy)
Worship in Spirit and Truth, Part 1
Worship in Spirit and Truth, Part 2

(TurretinFan would comment, "This series is one of the least commendable on the RPW. Jeff Meyers lone footnote was to his fellow Federal Visionist, Peter Leithart. Perhaps this series will define the halfway-back-to-Rome worship for the CREC in the future, though Meyers is still in the PCA, as far as I know")

All praise and worship be to our Lord!


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