Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two Interesting Posts on Relics

Erik, the Irish Calvinist, and Dr. James White, of Alpha & Omega Ministries, both have interesting posts today on the topic of relics. Erik's post (link) focuses on the continued trade in relics, while Dr. White's post (link) provides some additional comments addressing the fact that this is superstitious nonsense.

While the articles focus on Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy has its fair share of relics as well. I'm told that the remains of the supposed saint "John of Shanghai and San Fransisco" are the only viewable Orthodox relics in the U.S. (in San Fransisco). Wikipedia provided the following photograph which purports to be a photograph of his partly decomposed corpse. (No venerating, please.)

Praise be to the God of the Living!



Anonymous said...

I'm pretty ignorant on the Catholic church and those like them. Do they worship relics? If not, what do they do with them?

Turretinfan said...

Well, they bow down to them and reverence them. They call this "venerating" them. We view such "veneration" as worship, and properly condemn it as idolatrous.

The modern Roman Catholics shy away from referring to the veneration of relics as "worship" - largely, one suspects, because of Reformation pressures.

Nevertheless, in older books one can see admissions that it is worship of relics that is going on:

E.G. One Example