Monday, August 25, 2008

Reformed Theology en Espanol (in Spanish)

I recently came across a blog for the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico (link). My Spanish is not excellent, but it appears that this blog could become an excellent resource for those who are interested in Reformed theology, and who speak Spanish (particularly if they speak Spanish better than English). I particularly enjoy the on-going series that is being hosted providing translations various important reformed works on the church's Systematic Theology blog (link).


Anonymous said...

I have my pastor's sermons posted at sermonaudio and everyone around the world listens to them. It would be great if they could be automatically converted into every language for everyone to listen to!

Roger Smalling said...

Gracias por su sitio.
Tenemos algunos nuevos recursos reformados a su disposición:

Bendiciones en Cristo,

Roger Smalling

Roger Smalling said...

Thank you for your fine site.

Please note our many free resources in English and Spanish:

In His bonds,
Dr. Roger Smalling