Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Abdullah of London and the Council of Nicea

In the following video, Dr. White addresses some of the more absurd claims of Muslim apologists.

Caution: in order to respond, Dr. White provides a copy of what was presented by the Muslim blasphemer, including both blasphemy and purported images of Jesus.



Kyle said...

I do believe Abdullah said "40 to a hundred," not "4,200," but Pr. White's point is not really affected.

Matthew said...



Link: http://www.aomin.org/aoblog/index.php?itemid=2729

Anonymous said...

I doubt Abdullah and his gang will recant their fiction. Their fiction educates the ignorant into further rejection of Christianity. They know they will never sway the true Christian with their made-up stories, but what they hope to do is to plant more doubt into the unbeliever's heart and sway them to the Muslim's faith. Many times when people are ignorant of facts they will believe the first thing they hear on the subject, and this is what Abdullah and his gang want to happen. I wouldn't even be surprised to learn that Abdullah himself knows he is spouting untruths about Christianity for he would say he does it in the name of Islam.

Turretinfan said...


Assuming Abdullah was just poaching from Theosophist literature for that point, I'd tend to agree with you.


Anonymous said...

A "Biblical" sense of who the spirit is behind this can be understood when reading Nehemiah's words.

I have spent a lot of time in this world and have on occasion traveled with Sunni and Shea Muslims to parts of Africa and the Middle East. Also I have been to the Middle East and parts of Europe and Asia where there are Muslim population concentrations. With some of these Muslims from here in the United States traveling overseas and with some of those I have known overseas in various parts of the world, I have seen and sensed a similar "spirit" as these Words convey:::>

Neh 6:8 Then I sent to him, saying, "No such things as you say have been done, for you are inventing them out of your own mind."
Neh 6:9 For they all wanted to frighten us, thinking, "Their hands will drop from the work, and it will not be done." But now, O God, strengthen my hands.
Neh 6:10 Now when I went into the house of Shemaiah the son of Delaiah, son of Mehetabel, who was confined to his home, he said, "Let us meet together in the house of God, within the temple. Let us close the doors of the temple, for they are coming to kill you. They are coming to kill you by night."
Neh 6:11 But I said, "Should such a man as I run away? And what man such as I could go into the temple and live? I will not go in."
Neh 6:12 And I understood and saw that God had not sent him, but he had pronounced the prophecy against me because Tobiah and Sanballat had hired him.
Neh 6:13 For this purpose he was hired, that I should be afraid and act in this way and sin, and so they could give me a bad name in order to taunt me.
Neh 6:14 Remember Tobiah and Sanballat, O my God, according to these things that they did, and also the prophetess Noadiah and the rest of the prophets who wanted to make me afraid.
Neh 6:15 So the wall was finished on the twenty-fifth day of the month Elul, in fifty-two days.
Neh 6:16 And when all our enemies heard of it, all the nations around us were afraid and fell greatly in their own esteem, for they perceived that this work had been accomplished with the help of our God.

Remember, it is a spirit behind these folks. And equally and even more greatly us True Believers today, there is a "Spirit" behind and with us as we see so clearly and sense with Dr. White in his kind rebuttal to their taunts.

Let no one be deceived or confused about what is behind Isalm and this radical movement afoot. There is no tolerance for exceptions to their faith.

Jesus is the Kindest and Calmist voice I can offer you that are being moved and upset by them:::>

Joh 16:33 I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world."