Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Nepalese Darkness

Here's an interesting, if somewhat depressing, story about the spiritual darkness that exists in Nepal. (link) The little girl in the story has been selected to be a living goddess until she becomes a woman, living practically in isolation during that time, and superstitiously feared as causing premature death in husbands once she is no longer a "goddess." It is a sad tale of superstition.

There is one God, and only one. That God does not live in temples made with hands, and is not worshiped with the works of men's hands, as though he needed anything. Let us continue to pray that the Gospel light will shine in these places of darkness, so that they may be set free from the bondage of this folly.



Anonymous said...

Certainly I should hear an amen to the assertion that that goddess reality is certainly is a doctrine of demons?

Turretinfan said...

the goddess deception certainly is a demonic doctrine