Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Question to Romanists

Given the statement: "Religious minorities are entitled to be respected in their own religious convictions and practices. They are also entitled to their own places of worship, and their founding figures and symbols they consider sacred should not be subject to any form of mockery or ridicule."

a) Do you agree with the statement?

b) Do you consider the Reformed churches "religious minorities"?

c) Do you consider Luther and/or Calvin to be "founding figures" of the Reformed churches, within the sense of this statement?

d) If you answered "yes" to each of (a)-(c), do you condemn the mocking of Luther and/or Calvin that is provided by so many Romanists?



Kelly said...

I am in total agreement.

Mockery and ridicule are very different from intelligent critiques.

Martin Luther particularly has a great deal to remind Catholics of.

I say this as a Catholic.

You will not hear me ever mock Martin Luther, although I hold the right to disagree with him. I think you allow for this possibility.

Anonymous said...

a], yes

b] no

c] I don't know the sense of the statement so I cannot answer that one

d] I condemn mocking. God is God, get use to Him!

Turretinfan said...


Thanks for your comment (as well as for the other one on the Luther/Leo thread).


Mike Burgess said...

A) Sure.
B) Not here in the U.S.
C) Two out of several.
D) Which "so many"? What is mocking to one man is legitimate criticism to another. But if you're speaking of ad hominem, etc., then yes.

Do you agree with the statements when substituting Catholicism for Reformed churches? Do you condemn the mocking of so many Reformed and Lutherans of, say, Our Lady, etc.?

Turretinfan said...


I don't believe we should mock the mother of our Lord. I condemn such mockery as improper.

I don't entirely agree with the statement I quoted, however. Perhaps I'll have a chance to elaborate more on that at a later time.