Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Evidence of Creation and Providence

There is no lack of evidence that God created and rules all things. In this case, the evidence is a marvellously designed fish, which has a transparent dome on the top of its head, and tube-like eyes that can rotate up to look through the dome to look for prey above the fish (link). I realize that there will still be people who will try to attribute this technological wonder to chance and "natural processes," but surely one whose eyes have been opened will recognize this as God's Creation and Providence.


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Anonymous said...

I am fascinated with submarines. I know a man who built subs as a hobby. He retired from NASA and started this yacht and sub business for fun and also leave something to his boys when he passed. If you ever go to Florida on holiday, at one of the resorts, you can rent one and two man subs to go down and look at the beauty of nature under the sea.

I was watching a program the other day about the vessels that can now go down 7 plus miles under the oceans and seas. When they got them down there and turned on the lights, they saw fish!

It utterly amazed them that there were sea creatures down so far. They caught some of these fish and brought them to the surface and analysed them and found that God created them to have "as much pressure" on the inside as the pressure of the substances on the outside. At that depth, oceanographers believe water separates into more base elements.

Oh, how wonderful is Our Creator, past finding out the great mysteries of His creation on our own. We have all eternity with Him in Christ and the Holy Ghost, to enjoy all good and blessed creations of God!

Thanks for linking this showing more evidence of Creation and Providence!