Thursday, February 26, 2009

Patrick Madrid and Hugh Barbour vs. ECFs

This video (audio only for now) discusses the problems that Patrick Madrid and Hugh Barbour (whom Mr. Madrid was reproducing) encounter when they try to make the Early Church Fathers (ECFs) Roman Catholics, rather than just letting them speak for themselves. The topic is the sacrifice of the Eucharist and the ECFs in question are the Didache and the Epistola Apostolorum.



Dave Bamber said...

Hi Francis,

Would you be interested in a live moderated debate with Patrick Madrid?

I have had some correspondence with some of the Catholics involved in apologetics over the years and I may be able to organize this.

I think that this would be beneficial to the saints!

Let me know your thoughts.



Turretinfan said...

If telephone/Skype is an acceptable medium for such a debate (perhaps in a similar format to one of Madrid's live radio debates?), I'd be happy to oblige.