Friday, March 20, 2009

Knox on the Idolatry of the Mass

One occasionally hears from us, Reformed apologists, reference to the fact that the mass is idolatry. Perhaps this seems like pure polemic, unsupported by argument. Frankly, often it is simply thrown out there without supporting argument. So, I'd like to provide for your consideration, an explanation of the issue provided by John Knox (link).

Here's how it begins, to whet your appetite:
This day I do appear in your presence, honourable audience, to give a reason why so constantly I do affirm the Mass to be, and at all times to have been, idolatry and abomination before God. And because men of great erudition in your audience affirmed the contrary, most gladly would I that they were present here, either in person, or else by their learned men, to ponder and weigh the causes moving me thereto. For unless I evidently prove my intent by God's holy scriptures, I will recant it as wicked doctrine, and confess myself most worthy of grievous punishment.
Knox goes on to substantiate his claims, all the while carefully adhering to the standard of the Holy Scriptures.


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