Sunday, March 15, 2009

Response to Jay Dyer's Audio Remarks

Mr. Dyer has provided an audio response (audio - corresponding page at Dyer's blog) to several of the comments I have provided to his critique of Calvinism. For the bigger context, including my thirteen-part series defending Calvinism from his accusations, see my index of interactions with Mr. Dyer (link).

I've broken up the response into three parts, since it is around 30 minutes long (compared to about 50 minutes for Mr. Dyer's audio response).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

In the series I challenge a number of significant assertions by Mr. Dyer. To put it very briefly, I think Mr. Dyer's claims seem to hang on what he thinks are the logical consequences of Reformed doctrines, but it seems that Mr. Dyer has erred in understanding what the Reformed authors teach, at least some of the time.


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Jay Dyer said...

A response to this is in the works. Pelikan is a former Lutheran who went Orthodox. He is a historian of dogma and that is his area of expertise. He has also written a Brazos Commentary on Acts.