Friday, December 18, 2009

Open Commenting Policy

I'm removing moderation from the comments section on this blog for a bit, to see how it goes. That means your comment will get published right away, in theory. It also means that if you post things that are insulting, off-topic, or whatever, I will need to proactively delete them instead of letting them sit in moderation. If folks abuse it, I'll go back to moderation.

The downside is that I may not notice that someone has commented, and consequently may not answer their comments, as I have tried to do previously. The good news, I guess, is that the number of comments in moderation (presently around 300 or so) should gradually decrease as I clear them out either by publishing them or rejecting them.

Happy commenting.



Alex said...



Enterprise24 said...

lol - what, you didn't believe him? ;-)

Anonymous said...

you can set up an option to have this thing email you of new comments even when moderation is off. the option is on the bottom of the comments settings page, a box to put your email address in. I went to that recently when I noticed it existed.

Andrew Suttles said...

Thanks TF - we'll try to be responsible.