Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Issues

Blogger had some significant service disruptions this past week, and it seems to have damaged a variety of blogs, including this one. From what I can see, the only casualties have been comments, but there may be posts missing as well (I'm told that such things happened to other bloggers).



Ron DiGiacomo said...

It's been a mess, TF. My most recent post on my Blog is back up. The tags are a mess and comments have been deleted. I'm not sure if Blogger thinks they've solved the problem as their updates are cryptic.

Underdog Theology said...

I had to remove the garbage characters from the tag list of that post of mine that got nuked after it was resurrected.

But, hey, this is a free service, and it's hard to stay strung up when I'm not dishing out any cash for it. :-D