Thursday, March 08, 2012

Rap on Reformed Worship

The Sola System has produced the following rap video, which provides an argument for Reformed worship in the style of a rap (apparently recorded back in 2008):


Daniel said...

"It is good to give thanks to the LORD, to sing praises to your name, O Most High; to declare your steadfast love in the morning, and your faithfulness by night, to the music of the lute and the harp, to the melody of the lyre." (Psalm 92)

I don't understand when it stopped being good to use instruments in public worship according to the authors of this video.

turretinfan said...

They mention that in the rap. Under the New Testament, we no longer have the temple worship and the musical instruments, incense, gold covering everything, and animal sacrifices. Christ has come, and now we worship in Spirit and in Truth.

Daniel said...

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God." (Col 3,16)

We're to sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. Any songs based on the truth of God's word are appropriate for public worship.

turretinfan said...

Psalms, hymns, and songs are three of the categories of the Psalter. That's how the expression would have been understood in the 1st century A.D. Today, people use "hymns" to refer to works of merely human origin, as distinct from "psalms," which are from the Psalter. Reading that back into Colossians (and Ephesians, which says the same thing) is anachronistic.

Daniel said...

Is it good to worship publicly with musical instruments or not? If it is not, how do we know it is not. Does the text in John 4 necessarily exclude public worship with musical instruments?

Daniel said...

How do we know they are the three categories of the psalter?

Daniel said...

Are you saying that songs based on the truths of scripture are merely of human origin? What about singing other parts of scripture that are not in the Psalter?

Would you also say that sermons faithful to the text of scripture are merely of human origin? What about translations of the bible, can we say they are merely of human origin?

Chris Hansen said...

Psa 66:15 I will offer to you burnt offerings of fattened animals, with the smoke of the sacrifice of rams; I will make an offering of bulls and goats. Selah

At the same time this stopped being good in public worship.

Daniel said...

First of all such sacrifices are never called good, although they were good in the sense they were the right thing to do under that dispensation (For thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give it: thou delightest not in burnt offering; Ps 51,16).
However, it seems to me that that is not the sense that good is used in the text I quoted.

If your singing Ps 66,15 in public worship today, then what do you mean by it? Why do you sing that you will do this if you won't?

On the basis of what do you believe it is no longer good to worship with musical instruments? Where is it stated that this was only appropriate under the Old Covenant? By what logic do you make the comparison between sacrifices and the use of musical instruments? How come harps are still used in heavenly worship, but they are not to be used in earthly worship (Rev 5,8; 14,2; 15,2)?

Pete Holter said...

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail
The truth flows everlasting, flourishing across the atlas,
Roman Catholics shining light through the dark of sadness,
With the sign of the cross aiming at Satan’s madness.


In Christ,

Sean McDonald said...

The gentleman in question (The Sola System) will be ordained on March 30 by Great Lakes/Gulf Presbytery (RPCNA), and installed as the minister of Southfield (MI) Reformed Presbyterian Church. On April 8, he will be baptizing my daughter. :-)

turretinfan said...

Praise be to the Lord!