Monday, April 30, 2012

Bayseian Probabilities Misused ... Exemplified

In this amusing post, Glenn Peoples (Update: Technically, the creative work is Tim McGrew's) lampoons Richard Carrier's misuse of Bayseian Probability by turning his methods on - the existence of Richard Carrier (link to example). This misuse of "probability" is not confined to anti-supernaturalists like Carrier. We also see it among supernaturalists, from time to time.


H.T. Victor Reppert


Hebrew Student said...


If you thought that was funny, you will love this expose of Richard Dawkins:

It is much the same as what you have in Glenn People's post. My favorite line from it, "If Dawkins designed the book, then who designed the Dawkins; just answer me that!"

Roger de Laborde said...

One correction, Tim McGrew was doing the lampooning, Glenn was just reposting it (with permission).

Victor Reppert said...

Actually, the spoof was written by Tim McGrew.