Sunday, February 24, 2013

Caners on the John Ankerberg Show - Part 2

I'm not sure whether John Ankerberg plans to archive these videos on the web, as it appears that the plan is to offer these videos on DVD in exchange for a "gift" of $39 (link to page where video can be seen).  Thus, it makes sense to discuss these videos in series as they come out.

The intro has the same line about growing up in Columbus and having a mosque-building father (which has already been discussed here).  Numerous times in this section John Ankerberg asks the Caners to describe their own experience.  In most cases, the Caners deflect back to general statements about Muslims.

Around 6:40 into the clip, Emir suggests that knowing God loved him, rather than simply his deeds, was a breakthrough for him. 

Around 7 minutes in, Emir suggests that the tension between Justice and Mercy was one of the reasons for his move from Islam to Christianity.

Around 17:15 into the clip, Ergun discusses Clarence Miller posing the liar, lunatic, Lord trilemma to him (without the liar branch, naturally, since Ergun was claiming that he respected Jesus).

There's not much else to say about this episode, so I'll desist here.


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