Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Google Reader Replacement - Feedly?

I have enjoyed using Google Reader for keeping up to date with various blogs and other websites.  However, Google is apparently going to discontinue this product.  The heir apparent seems to be Feedly, which seems to be able to synch with Google Reader, and has nice apps for mobile devices.  I'm not certain what will happen to Feedly when Google retires, though.

I hope that the 548 of you who subscribe to this blog in Google Reader will be able to find a suitable replacement.  I know I don't always post regularly enough to give readers a reason to come here each day for something new, and feed readers can be a nice alternative to manually going to the site and checking for new posts, day after day, or hour after hour.

Assuming it doesn't get too spammy, suggestions for other alternatives are welcome in the comment box.

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