Friday, March 14, 2014

Formal Debates - Index

Formal Oral Debates

1. “Some people will not be saved from their sins according to the following passages and their contexts: 2 Thess. 1:9, Matt. 25:41/46, Matt. 18:8, Romans 9:22 and Jude 1:6.” (T-Fan affirmative vs. Jason Pratt) (part 1)(part 2)(part 3)
2. “Unsaved humans will suffer everlasting conscious torment.” (T-Fan negative vs. Ronnie)(part 1)(part 2)

1. "The Bible Teaches Libertarian Free Will" (T-Fan negative vs. Dan Chapa)(google docs with mp3)
2. "The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart" (T-Fan arguing Calvinistic side vs. Louis Ruggiero aka LouRugg)(wma version)(mp3 version)

Roman Catholicism
- With Dan Marcum - Purgatory Debate (mp3)

- With William Albrecht aka GNRHead:

Formal Written Debates

  1. Sola Scriptura vs. Roman Catholicism (vs. Matthew Bellisario)(index page)
  2. Sola Scriptura vs. Eastern Orthodoxy (vs. "Orthodox")(tagged pages on debate blog)
  3. Holy Water Debate (vs. PhatCatholic aka Nicholas Hardesty)(tagged pages on debate blog)
  4. Genuine Christian Apostasy Debate (T-Fan negative vs. J.C. Thibodaux)(tagged pages on debate blog)
  5. Atonement Debate (vs. "Catholic Nick")(tagged pages on debate blog)
  6. Regulative Principle debate (vs. Centuri0n aka Frank Turk)(tagged pages at Cent's debate blog)



CR said...

Nice debate on the RPW with Cent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these T-Fan!

Kiyah said...

The links for the LouRugg debate about hardening Pharoah's heart aren't working. :( I heard part of the debate on the Dividing Line on Sermon Audio, I'd love to be able to hear the whole thing.