Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I stand corrected - Dave HAS defined Christianity

Here's a link to his post explaining that he has defined Christianity! (link)

I stand corrected.

And, of course, Dave's definition includes those who are under the wrath of God and the Apostles Peter and Paul, according to the Roman Catholic Church.


P.S. And of course, there's beautiful irony in Dave's first comment on his own blog combox (mine acknowleding my mistake is the second, because it took me more than a minute or so to respond): "TF keeps adding more personal attacks daily on his blog, and just keeps building higher castles of sand from his initial fallacies. Pray for his brain to understand the relationship of propositions and ideas properly. It's an amazing and pathetic display to behold." (carriage return omitted)

P.P.S. Furthermore, of course, Dave has defined Christianity in a very Protestant way (by his standards of what is Protestant), namely in a way that is individualistic. People affirm creeds (the creed begins with "credo"), systems of theology do not. But we can brush that aside for we know what Dave means (at least I think we do): if a system of theology affirms the Nicean creed it is a Christian system of theology.


GeneMBridges said...

Where does DA stand on Nicene subordinationism? Catholicism has an interesting contrual of that you know.

Notice that anybody who is a Trintarian is a "Christian." So much for the other ecumenical councils. How does this fit with the Catholic rule of faith, exactly? If all we need is that one creed, what's the problem with Protestant theology?

TheoJunkie said...

As usual, the problem is not in the words, but the meaning behind the words.