Saturday, November 03, 2007

Murder Update

God saves a child from the murderous intent of his mother and her doctors - twice!


Praise be to the Lord!



Turretinfan said...


Your comment about Luther really has nothing at all to do with this post.

That's why it was rejected for publication.


TheoJunkie said...


It appears to me that the mother (and doctors)were not primarily out to kill the one, but to save the other.

Praise God indeed that he saw fit to let them both live (and even to thwart the knife as it was laid on the cord-- which is rather miraculous, considering cords are cut at birth with relative ease!). But while we might fault them all for lack of faith, I would be reluctant to say that they had "murderous intent".

Turretinfan said...

Dear TJ,

I love that you are so softhearted.