Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dave Armstrong Backs Down

Today, in his own combox, on his own blog, Dave stated that he is no longer interested in debating, although he apparently plans to continue to dishonestly assert that I refused to debate him. The sad thing is, I think he almost believes it! He fully expected me to refuse, and he's not quite sure what to do with the fact that I did not refuse. Oh well.

His clear statement that he is not interested in the debate puts an end to the "Is Catholicism Christian" debate to which Dave Armstrong challenged several folks. Presumably this will also put an end to Dave hounding Reformed apologists to debate him. We'll have to wait and see.

I'm moving on to other things.

The positive side of Dave Armstrong's backing out of the debate is that it frees up time in my schedule, which should let me get started with Godismyjudge sooner.


UPDATE: Dave has posted a response (he just can't get enough) on the combox of his own blog, in which he calls the present author a "fool" and brother Bridges an "ass" while asserting that various other Reformed bloggers are in "abject fear" of him. If you're going to be called names, it's nice to be in such noble company.
Further Update: Dave has now posted a criticism of the positions held by (at least) four Catholic bishops (link) - men who presumably have formal training and authority in Catholic doctrine. So, I guess my company is not quite as good as I hoped. At least it's good to know that this guy who thinks I'm a fool, also thinks the bishops of his own church are fools (though I doubt he'd have the guts to use that word to describe them).

Meanwhile, in more important news, Godismyjudge has backchannelled me to begin negotiating the details of the Romans 9 debate.

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Godismyjudge said...

I guess we have yet to work out a resolution and format for the debate. I will send you an email.

God be with you,