Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Words of Wisdom as to the Tongue

Someone (Puritan Covenanter) has provided words of wisdom arranged by the late Rev. Bahnsen regarding the tongue. (link) It's advice we can all (starting with the present author) use. It's even advice that Bahnsen could have used in his interaction with John Robbins.

May God give us greater wisdom in the restraint of our tongues (and fingertips),


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natamllc said...

I love it! When I was a weeeee little boy in Christ many moons ago one the first to imprint on my heart and soul was a dearly departed Brother, Pastor Webb.

I was on a "mission" for God and my missionary group ended up attending this man's Church in Casper, California off the Mendocino Coast, for several weeks in a row.

A student of the Bible, I was always amazed at Pastor Webb. He would come to the lectern and never once open the Book. But did he "flow" with God's Word!!!

This man and this teaching gives me a sense, he too, was continual and daily in the Word to let it flow waxing eloquent!

Thanks TF for sharing this!