Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gene Stirs the Pot

Gene, over at Triablogue, has stirred the Holy Water pot with a recent post (link) that addresses some of the issues he sees with the post presented by Dave Armstrong (link provided via this earlier post), generally approving (and minorly editing) PhatCatholic's opening argument in the Holy Water Debate. Carrie adds (at least) a few ripples with her quotation on the power of priests (link).

UPDATE: Dave Armstrong has replied (link) in not perhaps the nicest of tones, which included (at the time of writing this, a concluding paragraph threatening Gene's soul).

UPDATE: Gene has responded (link) to Dave's reply.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Geesh, where are my sun glasses, that was "bright"!!!

Oh yeah, that picture of the "happy" man dancing with feathers in his hair and a skull on a stick, do you know why he's so happy?

Well, being an Indian I can tell you! He got him before he got him! That's why he is dancing so happy! The other guy! He looks quite ghoolish! I suppose you would too if you were decapitated and your dry skull was stuck on a stick! :)

Holy Water, hmmmmm? I am just trying to figure all this out!