Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Man Behind Curtain of Holy Water Emerges

Apparently, PhatCatholic, my current opponent over at the debate blog, has been getting help in the Holy Water debate from popular Catholic blogger Dave Armstrong (link).



phatcatholic said...

Just so you know, the "help" I received from Dave was in fact very minimal. Before I wrote my opening statement, I sent him an email outlining how I planned on approaching the debate. In that email I also asked him if he thought I was going about it the right way. He said I was. He also suggested once Scripture passage, but I planned on using it anyway.

That was the extent of the help that he gave me. In other words, all of the arguments in this debate have been mine, and I have not received any more help from him since then.

I felt like I should clear that up, lest you think that you were actually debating two people (Dave and I) or that I was acting as Dave's robot.

Pax Christi,

Turretinfan said...


It's good to know, though obviously I did not mean to suggest you must go it alone.

By the way, thanks for your curteous revision of your rebuttal - I would have been content to gripe, but I appreciate that you reduced the length.


phatcatholic said...

I'm glad that you appreciate it. I just didn't feel like it would be right to leave it as it was.