Saturday, January 12, 2008

What Watson and I believe about the Atonement

Thomas Watson writes:

*** Quotation from Body of Divinity ***

Use one: Of instruction. (I.) See into what a wretched deplorable condition we had brought ourselves by sin; we had sinned ourselves into slavery, so that we needed Christ to purchase our redemption. Nihil durius servitute, says Cicero, 'Slavery is the worst condition.’ Such as are now prisoners in Algiers think it so. But by sin we are in a worse slavery, slaves to Satan, a merciless tyrant, who sports in the damnation of souls. In this condition we were when Christ came to redeem us.

(2.) See in this, as in a transparent glass, the love of Christ to the elect. He came to redeem them; and died intentionally for them. Were it not great love for a king's son to pay a great sum of money to redeem a captive? But that he should be content to be a prisoner in his stead, and die for his ransom; this were matter of wonder. Jesus Christ has done all this, he has written his love in characters of blood. It had been much for Christ to speak a good word to his Father for us, but he knew that was not enough to redeem us. Though a word speaking made a world, yet it would not redeem a sinner. 'Without shedding of blood there is no remission.' Heb 9: 22.

Use two: Of trial. If Christ came to purchase our redemption, then let us try whether we are the persons whom Christ has redeemed from the guilt and curse due to sin. This is a needful trial; for let me tell you, there is but a certain number whom Christ has redeemed. Oh, say sinners, Christ is a redeemer, and we shall be saved by him! Beloved, Christ came not to redeem all, for that would overthrow the decrees of God. Redemption is not as large as creation. I grant there is a sufficiency of merit in Christ's blood to save all; but there is a difference between sufficiency and efficiency. Christ's blood is a sufficient price for all, but it is effectual only to them that believe. A plaster may have a sovereign virtue in it to heal any wound, but it does not heal unless applied to the wound. And if it be so, that all have not the benefit of Christ's redemption, but some only, then it is a necessary question to ask our own souls, Are we in the number of those that are redeemed by Christ or not?

*** End of Quotation ***

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Praise be to our Redeemer!



Anonymous said...

You know TF, what is troubling to me is the fact that not all will accept that humble Word of a man.

I am not sure all are too humbly receive the Word of a man.

I point to a verse and ask a favor to interpret it, Hebrews 6:3.

I have been in ministry over 33 years now and have pondered this verse on many a day.

What is yours?


Turretinfan said...

I'm sure it would take no Sherlock to discover that I don't want anyone to take Watson and my doctrine on our say-so. It's what Scripture says that matters.
Nevertheless, occasionally it is nice to be reminded that there have been those before who have held to the same things we teach today.
I've started a post on Hebrews 6:3, but it probably won't be finished until tomorrow at the soonest (and might be rather longer than that).