Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Do Romanists Pray to Saints?

Sometimes we hear claims that Romanists pray to saints. Then we read blog articles like this one (link) and we realize that, no, we were right. They do pray to saints. They even then give glory for answering prayer to the saints to whom they pray. Here's a link to the prayer used, reportedly with such great success (link). Note that, primarily, the prayer to Jude is in fact a prayer that Jude would pray to God.

It's so sad to see folks imagining that a "Novena" is anything more than an innovation of man. It's shocking to see folks giving glory to Jude as though Jude had provided the rescue, even on the hypothesis of the Novena itself. The worship ("devotion" in the words of the Novena) of Jude is something that the historical Jude, who is now in heaven, would not approve of. The supplication of the dead is a practice Jude himself never engaged in, and would never have encouraged others to engage in.

May God alone be given glory for all his deeds in heaven and on earth,



Anonymous said...

Perhaps the term should be "Innovana" rather than Novena. A portmanteau word of innovation and novena???? Bad joke.

Turretinfan said...


The play on words was not a mere coincidence.


Turretinfan said...

Mr. Hoffer,

Thanks for your thoughts.

- Jude is really dead, in the relevant sense. It's likewise true that Jude's death is merely temporary, and that Jude's spirit is alive and in glory in heaven (as with all the elect who have died).

- No doubt if Jude could be prayed to, it would have to be in a respectful manner. We deny that Jude is to be prayed to.

- "Necromancy" can be used metonymically.

- The "devotion" given to Jude is, in substance, religious worship. Religious worship may only properly be given to God.

- I didn't much care for the tone of your comments. Keep in mind that I am more likely to approve a comment if it is irenic than if it is irate. Nevertheless, I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me.