Friday, July 18, 2008

On Vocations

Now if thou compare deed to deed, there is difference betwixt washing of dishes, and preaching of the word of God; but as touching to please God none at all: for neither that nor this pleaseth, but as far forth as God hath chosen a man, hath put his Spirit in him, and purified his heart by faith and trust in Christ.

- William Tyndale


Anonymous said...

Love that quotation.

Anonymous said...

that's funny! here's why.

I was about to wish you well on your vacation! :)

I do believe it's time I went to the eye doctor and got my eyes checked.

I said to myself, I won't, I will just wait until TF comes back from vacation to welcome him back!!

OOOPs, vocation can be done on vacation but when one is on vacation one is not necessarily in need of doing his vocation!

Now that I opened the comment and read it, I quickly came back and got my glasses on to see my error!

Ok, have fun and laugh then! grrrrr

Godith, yes, now it makes perfectly good sense why it didn't before!