Friday, August 22, 2008

εξο της παρεμβολης addresses Purgatory using Turretin

Danny at εξο της παρεμβολης has provided an interesting three-part series on Purgatory relying (especially in part 2) on the real Turretin to provide some solid criticism of the innovated doctrine of Purgatory and its impact on the doctrine of sola fide.

Part 1 (link)
Part 2 (link)
Part 3 (link)




Ben Douglass said...

Dear Francis,

I'm not sure what merit you see in these posts, besides that part 2 quotes Turretin. They consist of a brief ennumeration of the standard Protestant objections to Purgatory, with little exegetical depth or careful interaction with the arguments of the opposing side. This would be like me linking to a series of mid-quality posts on the Catholic Answers Forum.

Turretinfan said...


I gladly confess that my main draw was to the Turretin quotations, not to some new light that the series casts on the issue.