Monday, September 08, 2008

An Inconvenient Conciliar Truth - Part 05

An Inconvenient Conciliar Truth - Part 05

Some folks seem to find relying on councils a comfort. For these folks, there are some inconvenient facts that they must face. This post is the fifth in what, Lord willing, will be a multi-part series.

Council of Constance (1414-18?) - Councils have Higher Authority than Roman Bishop

Speaking about itself, the Council Constance declared that it was:

“legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, constituting a general council and representing the Catholic church militant, it has power immediately from Christ; and that everyone of whatever state or dignity, even papal, is bound to obey it in those matters which pertain to the faith, the eradication of the said schism and the general reform of the said church of God in head and members.”

This may be acceptable to my friends who are Eastern Orthodox (who, nevertheless, would not consider Constance to be an ecumenical council), but it is less than fully pleasing to those who view the pope as the earthly authoritative head of the church. For them, this conciliar statement is inconvenient.


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