Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Quick Apology to Readers/Commenters

Currently the oldest comment awaiting moderation is about 13 months old. It has about 90 newer colleagues waiting to be moderated. Those colleagues are mostly thought-provoking comments that I simply haven't had time to properly digest and respond to. I hope I'll get the chance soon to wade through some of that backlog. In the meantime, I beg my readers' and commenters' patience.

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TheoJunkie said...

Star Date: September 8, 2008... :o)

While I sometimes wonder at your self-imposed need to "digest" all comments before allowing it to see the light of day (is this what Jesus meant by giving people the sign of Jonah?)... Given that you do feel the need to digest, it is good of you to post these reminders every once in a while. Thanks