Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sad Ergun Caner Footnote

One of Caner's students today posted something suggested that Dr. Caner provided a 7 minute explanation of his innocence, which she nevertheless is not willing to make public, in the course of her course that is apparently on apologetics.

I thought I'd check to see if the lecture is on-line. It does not appear that the recent lecture is on-line, but on iTunes (R) in the iTunes (R) store, by searching for the term "Caner" one can find a podcast called "APOL 500 - Introduction to Apologetics." The third lecture in the order that itunes presents them is the one that addresses various approaches to Christian apologetics.

Since the student who posted the material today seemed to have received the wrong idea about what the different approaches to apologetics are, I checked into that particular lecture.

10 minutes, 20 seconds into "APOL400 Wk2 Five Major Approaches to Christian Apologetics" I found, remarkably, Caner defending himself against the charges of lying and being a liar.

His responses are that he says he knows he was raised a Muslim, his father was a Muezzin, and until he was "almost 18 years" he believed and was a devout Muslim.

November 4, 1982 is very shortly after Caner's 16th birthday, and it appears (though who knows?) that Caner may have come to Christianity several months to a year earlier.

If that's what he was telling his students in 2009, according to iTunes, one wonders what he is telling his students today. I wish one of them would be able to speak out. Nevertheless, I can understand that they may feel like if they leak info they will get in trouble, and I don't blame them for remaining silent, if that is their concern.


Coram Deo said...


I'm not trying to play word games, but the title of this post is a little confusing to me.

In your opinion, what's "sad" about this footnote?

Is it sad because Caner has painted himself into a corner, becoming ensnared in a web of lies of his own making?

Is it sad because the name of Christ is being defamed by a man who takes His Holy Name upon himself, but shames the Name through his deceitful, stubborn, and unrepentent patterns of sin and rebellion?

Is it sad because Caner's students are allegedly unable to speak out about the matter due to the fear of retaliation and/or reprisals?

Maybe it's none of the above? All of the above?

Just curious.

In Him,

BruinEric said...

Coram Deo,

Funny -- because on my reading, MY quibble was with the word "footnote." I didn't see how this is a footnote at all.

But no reason to continue the nitpicking! Nice, find TF and perhaps I will d/l myself.

BruinEric said...

Misplaced comma in my post above, should be "Nice find, TF..."

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Turretinfan said...

There are a lot of sad things about it. I guess what saddened me the most is that in a calm video recording (not the heat of a live sermon), while addressing the very issue of his honesty, Dr. Caner chose to communicate in a manner that does not appear to match the facts as we know them.