Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Quick Comment on the Fastigi Infallibility

The Fastigi vs. White debate took place a number of years ago. I was listening to it today and happened to notice the quotation that is described by Fastigi as the culmination of patristic quotations in favor of papal infallibility. And what was that quotation? It was Chalcedon's comment, which I have already fully explained, "Peter has spoken (to us) through Leo." (parenthetical in Fastigi's quotation) If that's the best that's out there, there really isn't much Rome has to offer by way of historical evidence to support its historical assertions.


Acolyte4236 said...

Does this means he thinks that Leo's Tome counts as an ex Cathedra statement? if not why not?

Turretinfan said...

Interesting question, but not one that is answered from the video. I think Fastigi is still out there, perhaps you could look up his contact information and ask him!