Thursday, March 15, 2012

Video Game Theodicy

In a recent post, the inimitable Steve Hays provides an interesting critique of a video game theodicy (link). My own video game theodicy is not subject to the same criticisms, I trust.

Imagine that a video game designer makes a video game like Pac-Man. Can anyone seriously imagine one of the little ghosts complaining that the video game designer is "evil" because the game is designed such that they can get eaten by the player's character? We would view that as absurd. The designer did not even have to include the ghosts in the first place. The player's character could be pitted against the clock, or against fewer ghosts.

The ghosts aren't even the point of the game. Their happiness is not the primary objective of the game designer. In fact, their mood itself is something that video designer decides. If they are unhappy - they are unhappy.

I can anticipate the objection: we're not sprites, we're human beings. Well, Scripture compares you not to sprites but to sheep. Even less than sheep or sprites, Scripture compares man to pots. Pots aren't even animated!

Once we realize that God does not have any moral obligation to care about our happiness, we can start to realize the amazing grace of God in sending his son to save the elect.



Natamllc said...

And if not sheep or moist clay pots destined for the furnace, we are also little chicks Mother Hen wants to gather under wings; pinions; foul!

Truth Unites... and Divides said...

The Pac-Man Game Designer is a MORAL MONSTER! Where's the libertarian free will in the actors of Pac-Man? No authentic love exists without LFW!

John Bugay said...

I just heard that Diablo 3 is due to hit the shelves May 15. Imagine the discussions we can have over that one!

Ryan said...

I suspect those pac man dots on the screen do not have the free will to debate whether or not they have free will.