Thursday, September 27, 2007

An Example from the Religion of Science

Apparently, now it is necessary, not only to quote an expert, but to quote an expert who cites more than one study for this proposition:

"Studies have shown people fall asleep," Docknevich said.

See, now you MUST believe it - an expert citing an unspecified study - no - studies (plural) have said so.

The point of this post is to illustrate that it has been commonplace in the secular world to think that science as gravitas to virtually anything.

The point above is a fairly extreme example - but it makes the point. If you don't have "studies," but instead are asking people to believe what God said about something - don't expect an immediate positive response. Why? Because to the Greeks, such things are foolishness.

It was the same in Paul's day, as it is becoming in ours.

May God provide Pauline imitators to illumine the understanding of those who worship the creature rather than the creator,


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