Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who would have thought ...

... that Dave Armstrong, the man who is too busy to reply to my posts dealing with his doctrinal errors, would have time to challenge my recollection about whether Dr. White has ever posted a response to Armstrong that was purely a personal attack on Armstrong (link)?

And who would have that Armstrong's best example was Dr. White's response to a reading list that Armstrong posted. I wonder how Dr. White ought to have rebutted that reading list? Surely, White is guilty here of substituting rhetoric for reason in his rebuttal of that list! Read for yourself! Look at that shallow reply to the reading list! And to think, this author had let such a shocking display of non-responsiveness slip out of his mind! Shame on me. How could I do that? No, Dave, you're right. Dr. White's response in no way rebutted your reading list.

And of course, those comments Dr. White made (specifically that Armstrong by listing books can no longer claim that his misrepresentations are based on ignorance) would make it "hypocrisy" for me to point out that Dave's comment that follows:

TF wants to kiss up to White and not openly criticize him, because he is the Grand Poobah and Big Cheese: the King of the Anti-Catholics. And so it is a naughty no-no to publicly call him on his blatant, wanton, ongoing hypocrisies. That would make TF mighty unpopular in know-nothing anti-Catholic circles.
is not true (and to complain about its tone, my - that application of a cruel "double standard" would add years to Anti-Catholic purgatory).

If I were to speculate that Dave's multi-page illustrated rebuttal to my single-phrase comment was actually a pretext to throw a pity party about Dr. White's allegedly harsh words in the past, I suppose I'd be challenged to prove which of the many negative things Dr. White has said about Dave (mostly reflecting on Dave's demonstrated misuse of sources) are true, and which are false, et cetera ad nauseum.

Which is why I will gladly concede that if it makes you happy, Dave, I gladly concede that my recollection is imperfect - which is the only thing that proving what you set out to prove would accomplish as a response to me. Now, I suppose you can add this edifying exchange to your list of published written debates.

I hope it will be a while before we have a similar "dialogue" and "exchange of ideas."


P.S. Apparently Dave is at least as unaware of my not-nearly-as-lengthy history with Dr. White, because he seems to have overlooked this post (link) in which the present author (gasp) disagreed with Dr. White publicly. But, of course, perhaps that does not count because I don't begin my post by making personal insults, fill my article with name-calling, or ask for pity because Dr. White ignored it(according to my - as Dave has tried to prove, and I have not rebutted - faulty recollection).

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