Thursday, November 29, 2007

Style over Substance? Really?

Paul Hoffer has written - and his accomplice Dave Armstrong has posted - a 22,000 word document, that addresses Dr. James White's alleged practice of: "By using Plurium Interrogationum in debate, he promotes style over substance." (source)

This is classic pot calling the kettle black. Hoffer provides a 22,000 word article criticizing stlye, and then has the gumption to assert as his first criticism in the conclusion that Dr. White's use of standard cross-examination debate "promotes style over substance."

It's an adquate response to Hoffer simply to point out that cross-examination is standard in debate, standard in court, and when properly used is excellent for exposing the truth of the matter (which is why it is used in debate and court).

But shouldn't Paul Hoffer know that? Isn't he a lawyer? Is Paul Hoffer this Paul Hoffer?


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