Saturday, December 15, 2007

Animal Training - Choice in Lower Creatures Illustrated

Here's an amazing video of a man who has trained a turtle to obey his commands. The tricks would not be amazing if we were dealing with a dog, but they are rather impressive for a turtle.

I'm not sure that too many of my readers have ever tried obtaining turtilian(FN1) compliance with commands, but it is not easy. Turtles are not super-compliant animals.

But I think it is fair to point out that the result shown is not simply "turtle instinct," but instead is the result of man directing the exercise of a lower creature's will.




Footnote 1: Do not confuse with Tertullian.


Anonymous said...

Thanks TF.

I am reminded of a couple of turtle sayings by one Snail told to me by a wealthy businessman one day in his office.

He asked me:

"michael", what did the "Snail" say to the Turtle as he was riding on his back?

Ah, I dunno, I answered, what?


He asked me:

"michael" what did the "Snail" say to the Traffic Cop investigating the "headon" collison after the Turtle got distracted and hit the wall when saying WEEEE, WEEEE, WEEEE?

Ah, I dunno, I answered, what?

Yes! was because it "happened so fast!" :)


Turretinfan said...


That was a nice story!